We were selected by Start-Up Chile Acceleration Program

Gen 14

These are exciting times in Singular! We were selected by Start-Up Chile (among 1800 applicant companies from all over the world). This is the most vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem in Latin America, bringing global companies from more than 70 countries. Each selected team received 20 million pesos (about US$ 35,000), a working visa for a year and access to the largest startup community in the world to accelerate their startups in Chile.

We were selected to developed our project PleIQ, which is an smart educational toy that combines both physical and digital worlds using augmented reality (AR), to provide interactive experiences designed to develop the multiple intelligences of preschoolers. PleIQ is physical toy that contains 8 blocks and also is a digital toy, having a mobile app. When they are used together, they bring to life 48 Augmented Reality Learning Experiences (with many more available as in app purchases) available in Spanish and English, that could evolve with the children’s cognitive development.

In the next six month we are going to fully develop PleIQ, going trough a extensive validation process (both from educational and business perspective), raising capital and expected to launch in may 2016.  Join us to this journey!



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